Friday, December 15, 2017

Trip to Kishangarh - An artists abode....

After canceling the trip for more than three times, finally, the artist agreed to meet us. Initially, I wasn’t able to understand his reluctance but when I spoke to the people at the firm they said this is the normal temperament of an artist. They think people/corporates (that’s us) don’t understand the art and only aim to financially gain from the artwork. At Fanusta, we are trying to change this. We have trips planned with multiple artists across India where we intend to cover various perspectives from an Artists standpoint; starting with the Artist himself, his art, issues with his work life, his aim in life and stuff like that. This meeting with the “State Hast Shilp Award” winner, Mr. Birdi Saini who is a pioneer of the “Kishangarh Shaily” had been to Delhi recently for a felicitation and is a busy man. When he is not painting or guiding his team he is busy promoting his art at various forums.

The Trip
Though winters hadn’t started but it started to fell nippy early in the morning when we started from Jaipur from where Fanusta is based out of. So Fanusta is a combination of two words “Fan” and “Usta” and means Master of Arts, not just in the name, the firm also has implemented this philosophy across their products and appreciation of artists. With over 50 artists currently associated with Fanusta, this speaks volumes about how much the firm believes in supporting and creating a better marketplace for the handicraft products.

After waiting for the Photographer who also shares the same temperament of an artist if nothing less, my product development manager, PR team, the photographer and I decided to cover the distance of 100 odd kms planning our day. We not only had to interview Mr. Birdi but also understand the history of art, the products and gain insights into his life. This would help us in planning our association with him and also give us a better idea of avenues where we could use his art in creating something new. For me this was completely new, though I had seen the products but never had visited a workshop and met an artist before. This was going to be an eye-opener to me for sure, I finally was able to see how these wonderful pieces of art were made and the history behind this art.

The Revelation
On reaching the workshop we noticed a couple of people on the terrace enjoying their post-lunch siesta and the warm weather. 

The moment they saw our car they started pointing out the parking lot and we knew we were in the right place, who in their right mind would mind getting attention especially after seeing a cameraman amidst us. Mr. Birdi noticing all the commotion came out and greeted in the typical Rajasthani style – “Padharo Sa” which means “Welcome Dear Sir”. He didn’t waste any time and took us straight to his workshop but we being curious creatures couldn’t avoid noticing his wall which had pictures of all his felicitations.

The workshop had loads of “Work In Progress” stuff which his team was currently working on, but with all the craftsman on the terrace we had some free time to explore around and interview him.

Speaking to him I realized that though he is an artist, deep down all he craved was for recognition and financial stability to enable him to pursue his art for years to come. At this moment all my prejudices against artists vanished and I was left with the humility and the art.

When it came to finalizing the new range of products the discussion went into details of colors and since everything is made by hand, not all products are the same. This supposedly was a problem coz the colors made from natural sources didn’t have the same consistency as of machine made. Some people appreciate the unique pieces whereas some customers were not very happy with the difference in what they wanted and what turned up.

On the way back home I was thinking about how homes nowadays have the same pieces of furniture and interior decors, I was wondering how and what can be done to make consumers aware of the hardship these craftspeople face and how to bring them to realize that different is not bad, it’s just unique and people should start learning to appreciate it.

Until the next “TRIP”, Ciao…. 

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Trip to Bali - Planning

So it’s been quite a lot of time since I have been touring, touring as on a bike, the last time I did was during Laos and my brief stay in India around May and the GAP was killing me, killing me like MAD. I tried to check out the options in Singapore and they are DAMN expensive, so I started to look out for options in the nearby Malaysia, and though it is expensive there as well but a trip in Malaysia is well worth the moolah.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Monday, July 18, 2011


Does the word ring any bells??

M sure everyone has heard of this from somewhere or the other; in some sessions, advices or wherever.
What we are told is that we should “Follow our passions” Blah Blah... But NO one, mind you no one tells you how to realize what one’s passion is and unless one does it how can he/she follow the passion.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My personal favorite ‘Must Visit Country’ in South East Asia - 1

Let me do a country vise list and will start with the places I have been to then will continue with the places I intend to go sometime soon.

When I came to know that I am supposed to go to Laos for an official trip, more than the fact that I would have to slog my ass off, I was excited that I will get 2 weekends to myself which meant I could cover Laos on 1 weekend and Cambodia on the other.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What I like in a girl and the biggest dislike factor

Well yesh so as this is my personal favorite list so no blah and boo allowed in the first place: P
I would like to say that I have been in good company of quite good number of female friends so have seen them from close quarters and hence have developed a certain list of likes and dislikes in a female and don’t know whether knowingly or unknowingly but have managed to have majorly all the ‘likes’ around me.
So here let me list some of them.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

ALERT about Hopeless Romantic

Hopeless Romantic is moved to a new home ...
Check him out at Hopeless Romantic
and this blog will be limited to ME :P
See u at both the places..

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letter from Singapore

*ALERT* ----This is not the continuation of “The Diary of a Hopeless Romantic”-----*ALERT*

The premise of this blog is the reason I started blogging in the first place. To write about me, since it’s been around 50 days that I have come to Singapore, I had to write one to understand this trip coz when I try to introspect, it all goes in the air and there are no solids thoughts L , that’s the advantage of blogging.. U think, gather, understand, write and analyze. So hoping this blog post helps me in doing what I want to J

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Eventful Day at Pune

Today was the most eventful day at Pune. After like 3+ years of staying in this wonderful city it was today that i got to experience the public transport and ALL of it in one day ..

ST Bus, Auto, Company Bus, Tum Tum aarghhh .. PAINFUL ..

Wen will it get off the sling and roll on my bike again ..

Friday, January 7, 2011

Prelude to the FUN Trip

This is my first blog this year and it is a pretty long one at that, hope I will blog more frequently.
If one has been a reader of my blogs then they must be aware of the adventurous, extravagant experience named as “FUN TRIP”. The First Fun Trip (link) was a great start in many ways it made us decide that be it whatever, we need to meet once a year and chill and the best part, the decision to meet at least once a year didn’t go down like the new year resolution which gets wasted in the first week itself for me L . Newaz so the FUN TRIP continues as and and and this was the “FUN TRIP 4”: P ye ye ye ..